Founded in 1995, The Wenshan Review of Literature and Culture is a fully open access journal of  interdisciplinary nature that explores Chinese-language and Western literary and cultural studies. It is a reputable journal based in Taiwan that offers a platform for scholars globally to engage in important discussions across a wide spectrum of research areas. The Wenshan Review of Literature and Culture is indexed in ESCI, SCOPUS, and EBSCOhost. Issued biannually (June and December) both in print and online versions, the journal is based in the Department of English at National Chengchi University (NCCU), Taipei, Taiwan. The main language medium is English but essays written in Chinese are also published.

Based in different parts of the world, members of the editorial team and international advisory board cover almost all research areas of literary and cultural studies, and include distinguished and chair professors, outstanding and award-winning scholars, and elected Fellows of the British Academy, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the Academia Europea, the Royal Society of Canada, and the Linnean Society of London. Research articles and book reviews are welcome and so are proposals for special issues. The journal does not charge APCs or submission fees.



Past editors for The Wenshan Review journal:

2009: Prof Chien-chi Liu, Prof Tsui-fen Jiang, Prof Chia-ping Sutu 

2010: Prof Chien-chi Liu 

2010-2011: Prof Eva Yin-I Chen 

2011-2015: Prof Yen-bin Chiou

2015-2017: Prof Shung-liang Chao 

2017-2021: Prof Li-hsin Hsu 

2021-2023: Prof Yih-Dau Wu

2023-present: Prof  Min-Hua Wu


*Wenshan (literally, “literary mountains” in Chinese) refers to the mountainous district of Taipei where NCCU is located.
**Images: 1) "4. 4. 85" by Zao Wou-ki; 2) "The Rain Comes from the Mountains" by Tong Yang-tze; 3) An 18th-century engraving.