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Since the publication of Wild Sheep Chase, a work in which Murakami Haruki established his position as an literary author, the depiction of various conditions of crisis has become one of the writer's primary concerns. Characteristic of his texts are the portrayal of the violent and life-threatening crises, which include unexpected accidents, crimes committed by cults or wars, to name but a few. Since his stories are consistent in narrating of crisis blended with fantasy or history, it is no exaggeration to call him the Author of Crisis.

In this article, I will analyze and estimate the place of crisis in Murakami's literature, especially in some of his short story collections such as The Ghost of Lexington, After the Quake, and Tokyo Strange Stories.

KEYWORDS: literature of crisis, Murakami Haruki, Wild Sheep Chase, The Ghost of Lexington, After the Quake, Tokyo Strange Stories 

摘 要

有關村上春樹文學男女間的脆弱性(vulnerability)(容 易受傷),將延續在《層》第 4 號(2011 年 3 月)期刊中的 敘述,我將討論面對自然與社會危機之村上文學的樣式特 徵進行討論。

自確立其作家地位的《尋羊冒險記》(1982)以降,村 上的文本敘事,可以說長期以來一以貫之地經常由意外的 事故所引發的地震、激進宗教犯罪、戰爭等暴力性的危 機,於其中交織著幻想性與歷史,描繪出其威脅到個人的 生存的各樣局面。

由這個意涵而言,村上正是一個「危機的作家」。本演 講嘗試將村上文學其危機之位階,尤其以《列克星敦的幽 霊》(1996)、《神的孩子都在跳舞》(1999)、《東京奇譚 集》(2005)等短篇作品為題材進行解讀。

關鍵詞:危機文學、村上春樹、《尋羊冒險記》、《萊辛頓的 幽靈》、《神的孩子都在跳舞》、《東京奇譚集》