Submission Guidelines

Articles submitted to The Wenshan Review of Literature and Culture must conform to the following guidelines to be considered for review:

  • Authors must confirm that submissions are not under review anywhere else.
  • Manuscripts must be submitted in MS Word electronically with a title, an abstract of 150-250 words, and six keywords.
  • Manuscripts are to have 2 line spacing and must be 6,000 to 10,000 words (including footnotes and works cited). Book reviews must not exceed 3,000 words.
  • Manuscripts must be prepared for anonymous review. Name, title, affiliation, and contact information including e-mail address should be provided separately. Self-identifying references should be removed and previous works by the author cited in third person.
  • Use the MLA style (8th edition).
  • British or American spelling is acceptable, but authors should use one consistently throughout.
  • The journal reserves the right to make editorial changes to accepted manuscripts.
  • Contributors must guarantee that their manuscripts do not infringe upon the rights of third parties.
  • Contributors must sign the Copyright License Agreement for NCCU Scholarly Journals Online and our website.
  • Contributors receive publication-ready PDF files and, if based in Taiwan, two copies of the journal issue in which their articles are published.
  • Contributors must obtain written permission from the copyright owner of any illustration or photograph, prior to submission.


  • 本刊接受以中文或英文撰寫之稿件。中文稿件一經採用,若含有中文書目,作者必須負責將之羅馬化或英文化
  • 請一律另紙註明作者姓名(中英文)、服務單位與現職(或就讀學校與系級)、通訊地址等個人資料,正文中請勿附上足以辨識作者身份之資料,以利審查作業。
  • 中文稿請提供:(a) 中、英文論文題目;(b) 中、英文摘要(400字以內);(c) 中、英文關鍵詞(六個以內)。
  • 來稿請以MS Word程式處理。論文長度以12,000到20,000字為原則(作者若認為必要可酌增篇幅)。書評長度以5,000字為限。
  • 論文審查作業需時約三個月,錄取與否均將專函通知。
  • 本刊不接受一稿兩投,故未獲知結果前如欲另投他處,請及早通知本刊撤銷投稿。
  • 本刊採隨到隨審制。
  • 論文格式請採用MLA第八版。
  • 論文經送專家審查合格後採用。本期刊有刪改權。
  • 稿內涉及版權部分(如轉載圖片等),請事先取得原作者或出版社同意,本刊不負版權責任。
  • 來稿一經採用,作者需簽署著作權授權書,以建置於本刊網站、 「國立政治大學學術期刊資源網」及相關學術網站。
  • 來稿一經採用,贈送當期《文山評論:文學與文化》兩本及刊登版本電子檔,不另支稿酬。